Book Breaktime: Food blogs that make me hungry

This is my first post of Book Breaktime! and I’m happy to post about one of my favourite things, food! Aside from book blogs, I absolutely adore food blogs. I’m not much of a chef myself but I have tried to cook more complicated things, all with mixed results. 😛 So today, I’m going to share with you all my three favourite food blogs!

Warning: visiting these blogs may lead to a severe chase of the munchies!

Clear the way to the kitchen!

Clear the way to the kitchen!

01. Bakerella

Ah, the lovely lady behind some of the most creative and fun cake pops (and other desserts) I’ve ever seen! Take a look at her Father’s Day cupcakes, which are sneaky sweet treats and had me fooled the first time around. Her Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies are also my fave because they combine Oreos AND choco chip! Delicious! She goes more than cookies and cupcakes, creating great-looking Key Lime Cream Cake. Too yummy!

She also recommends a few books in one of her recent holiday posts, if I can make this post just a little bit book-related. 😉

02. The Pioneer Woman

Ree Drummond’s blog isn’t just cooking as she also talks about her life on the ranch. That kind of life is something that I’ve always wanted to experience, so reading all about it makes me happy. When I try to cook and end up using her recipes, I don’t always follow them to the letter. I may end up subbing ingredients because I just don’t have some of the stuff she uses. Still, they turned out pretty well!

My favourite by her is the Spinach Artichoke pasta, which I have made and gobbled down twice. Second is her Bowtie Chicken Alfredo because of delicious parmesan! Mmm! I’ve also made her breakfast burritos and they kept me going through incredibly stressful days. Lastly, I adore her quesadillas because quesadillas are always a win in my book. 😉

03. I am Baker

I don’t check this blog as often as the other two, I have to admit. Still, I always love seeing her pretty cakes such as the classy Neapolitan Rose Cake. I also love this Red Velvet Cookie Sandwich recipe because it combines two awesome sweets: red velvet cupcakes and cookies!

However, the cakes that really got me hooked on her are her surprise cakes! Check out her Heart Cake and Pumpkin Surprise! 🙂

So those are three of my favourite food blogs! How about you, dear reader? Do you have any food blogs that you love?