Weekly Digest 12: Ana’s Slow Week

This week has been a lazy week in terms of book-blogging. I haven’t replied to comments, or commented back yet. Oops! I’ve been working on some stuff offline, mainly for school and for fun. I’ve also been discussing a video game feature with Jeann of Happy Indulgence. I’m excited to get it up and running soon! 😀

What am I doing this week? Reading some of the books I had on my shelf last week, I hope!

On my shelf:

I’ve got nothing on my shelf this week that I’m going to read for fun, since I checked out books for school. It feels kind of nice to be learning something related to my field again, since I’ve been learning something completely different these past few months. 🙂

This week on RMA:

Blog-o-plane, now boarding!

I’m rather lazy this week, so only a few links this time!

So how are you, my lovely readers? How has your week been? 🙂


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