Weekly Digest 11: Return of RMA & Bloggers Beyond Books

Hello, everyone!

This week, I came back from my blogging break for the month of April. I also started my new feature, Bloggers Beyond Books, featuring the graceful ballet-loving Emily! Her interview is linked below, and for more information about this feature, please check out this page.

What has been consuming my time lately? Well, video games! I finally joined Steam and I’ve installed my Humble Bundle purchases through it. As always, video games are pretty addicting, dear readers! Be warned!

On my shelf:


  • The Chaos of Stars (Kiersten White)
  • Code Name Verity (Elizabeth Wein)
  • The Graveyard Book (Neil Gaiman)

Mostly standalones this week, all awesome! 🙂 I am in LOVE with the cover of The Chaos of Stars, which I found through Francine @ Always Lost in Books.

As a side note, I didn’t know Code Name Verity was part of a series! :O Can someone clarify?

This week on RMA:

Blog-o-plane, now boarding!

So how are you, my lovely readers? How has your week been? 🙂


4 thoughts on “Weekly Digest 11: Return of RMA & Bloggers Beyond Books

  1. SarahClare says:

    Ive been having a reading frenzy this week.. im worried I’ll fizzle out! Lols.

    Oooh, I think im in love with the cover for The Chaos of Stars too.. so pwetty!!


  2. As far as I know, the other books listed with Code Name Verity is/are companion novels. But i’m not really sure myself. I have CNV, but haven’t read it. XD and thanks for the mentions Ana. ❤

  3. Oh no! I’m in a reading slump, haha! I hope you didn’t fizzle out!

    Yes, such a pretty cover! But a rather disappointing book. 😦

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