Talk To Me 17: Same Name Game

Aside from hearing the characters’ voices in my head when I read books, another odd thing I do when reading has to do with names. If a character has the same name as someone I know, I end up picturing my friend in place of the character. Even if the character looks NOTHING like my friend, even if they act nothing like my friend.

That usually happens at the beginning of the book though, and once the book goes on, I stop picturing my friend as them. But like how I am with voices and accents, my friend’s voice reads the character’s lines in my head. My friend has a strong accent? The character gets that accent too. My friend has a certain way of saying certain words? The character gets that accent too.

This also works for people that I don’t know personally. I like podcasts and listening to video game commentary/LPs, and those usually have people with pretty distinct voices. After hearing their voices so much, their accents and mannerisms come clear in the characters with the same name.

I find this pretty weird, to be honest. Although it is pretty hilarious to be reading a dramatic scene only to have the main character’s voice in my head be a hilarious on-purpose accent.

So, what about you, dear reader?

When you come across a character with the same name as someone you know, do you tend to picture them in the character’s place? Or hear their voice in your head?

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10 thoughts on “Talk To Me 17: Same Name Game

  1. I do not, but I pretty much never (if ever, actually) run across friends’ names in books. I only have two, and their names aren’t that common it seems. Or they’re too common, so authors don’t use them in favor of strange names. 😛

    I probably would though, since I did read one book where the main character had my name and it kept throwing me off because I would be like ” Wait, I wouldn’t say that!” or “I wouldn’t do [that] like that!” LoL

  2. astrayimagination says:

    I’ve never thought of this before! I feel like I have done this at one point in my life, but I can’t come up with any examples. When I do come across a familiar name, I definitely notice and make comparisons (my favorite is when my friends or family are named after villains.) Otherwise, I keep the two people separate. I think of it like meeting new people who happen to have the name of my friend (except, you know, they’re fictional.)

  3. I actually do this as well and It’s funny because I’ve never heard anyone else mention this up until today! It’s just one of those things that I do naturally and I rarely even notice it. Personally I don’t find it weird at all and I think It’s nice knowing that other people do it too (not many apparently!).

  4. Bahhh, I get this too! It can make some scenes awkward. But like you said, as you learn more about that character they begin to look and sound less like someone you know, and more like… well, whoever they are!

  5. Haha, it is really fun! I think that’s why I love radioplays! They’re like a leveled-up version of audiobooks. 🙂

  6. Haha, my friends’ names are pretty common. At least a decent chunk of them have relatively common names, which tend to pop up quite a bit, haha!

    Yes! I totally hear you there! Every time I come across a character with my name, I get thrown off, haha!

  7. Haha, it would be amusing if a villain had a friend’s name. I do end up comparing a new person with my friend of the same name sometimes, at least until they reveal themselves being really different from my friend. If they were very similar, it would be so weird!

  8. Yes, I’m so happy to see someone else who can relate.

    Sex scenes where a character has a friend’s name? SO AWKWARD!

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