Talk To Me 13: The Playboy Male Lead

Last week, I talked about how I didn’t really like the brooding male lead character. This week, I want to talk about the playboy book boyfriend, mainly inspired by Alex from Suddenly Royal. One of the main reasons I didn’t like that book was because the sexual tension between Alex and Sam was just so prominent and I got tired of counting how many ways Alex can say “hey girl let me take you to the BONE ZONE.”

For me, there’s a difference between a sensual seductive male lead, and one that’s chomping at the bit to bed the main character. I’m fine with sexual tension between the main characters, but not when it completely overshadows any semblance of plot or conflict that the book may have. Definitely not when the rest of the book just becomes random hot sex scene after random hot sex scene in various places. I tend to skim these scenes, to be honest.

But hey, other people may really like this type of character. I mean, I like getting romanced and swept off my feet too. My boyfriend is an adorable dork, but when he gets all smooth and sexy, I feel my face just go red and little tingles go down my spine. (Also hello to my boyfriend who reads my blog now, please ignore the previous sentence.) There are some truly swoon-worthy male leads out there, but when a male lead thinks of nothing else besides bedding the female lead, I’m out.

What about you, dear reader?

What do you think about the Playboy Male Lead? At what point do you just want to go “Hey, ease up there, buddy!”?

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20 thoughts on “Talk To Me 13: The Playboy Male Lead

  1. Sexual tension is like my favorite part of a romance! And steamy sex scenes. But I do still like plot and couples who actually talk and do other stuff aside from have sex or think about having sex. If I want that I’ll pick up an erotic novel. If I want some of that and more, well then I need more!

    It does get annoying when the male lead’s only goal is sex, and he equates sex with love and a great relationship. That is not how it works! Sex is great, but it is not love and should not be the basis of the relationship. He needs to get his head out of his pants! Or…okay that sounds wrong, but I can’t think of another way to phrase it. But I hope you know what I mean! 😛

  2. I must read the wrong (right?) books because I don’t think I’ve encountered too many of these characters. I wouldn’t particularly like them, if I did! First, they sound one-dimensional, which isn’t even good writing. Second, there’s not much attractive about a guy who only wants to sleep with girls and not actually get to know them.

    (Love the shout out to your boyfriend, by the way!)

  3. Charlene @ Bookish Whimsy says:

    I’m definitely with you on this – if the main goal of the male lead is to get the girl in bed, then that is not my kind of book. I do love the sexual tension but it’s more of a will they/won’t they get together and have a meaningful relationship. 🙂

  4. I think sexual tension is always good to get you invested in the romance in terms of “NOW KISS ALREADY” but ugh, I am not here for books that just concentrate on the sexytimes *cough50Shadescough* But I think it kinda depends too on the reader, there is a market for erotica but it’s really not for me.


    Playboy characters irritate me. Mostly because I feel they’re out to hurt my beloved protaganist, or the protaganist makes stupid choices related to Mr Playboy, which makes me pull out my hair in frustration.

    But then… there are some times in books where I just want them to jump each others bones because I’m so tired of waiting for it to happen! Haha! Not even a proper sex scene, just a confirmation that *something* has happened between them.

  6. I think I’ve gone off erotic novels after a certain point. Maybe it’s because I used to read lots of fanfiction and some would get really raunchy, so any published erotica is kind of “meh” for me now. I’ve read a few that have a good balance of the sexy and the plot, but not a lot.

    Yes, so true! He needs to stop thinking with his junk! 😛

  7. I think I feel rather “meh” towards the erotica genre, simply because I’ve been desensitized towards it, I guess? Even a browsing of “50 Shades of Grey” just had me going “This is more confusing than it is sexy.” Haha!

  8. Definitely the right books, Briana. I’ve become wary of reading books with something along the lines of “playboy takes an interest in her” phrases. If he’s just there to get the heroine in bed and make another mark in his tally, then I’m outta there!

    (Haha! Thank you!)

  9. Oh man, 50 Shades. I read the first book and was more “huh?” rather than “oh, how hot!” I think it’s because I’ve read fanfiction that is way better written than those books (both in terms of sex scenes and plot). Maybe I’ve become desensitised to it, so I don’t think the erotica genre appeals to be any more.

  10. THE BONE ZONE, RINN. POUND TOWN. THE D TREE. And all the other possible euphemisms for it.

    Oh NO, when the main character goes nuts and becomes a totally different person (in a bad way) because of Mr. Playboy, I am so out. When she starts pushing away friends and family because IT’S TWUU WUV, I am so out of there.

    True, I can do without the sex scenes. They slept together? Okay, got it, moving on, book! 🙂

  11. The playboy book boyfriend is a big no-no from me. If all they’re capable of is a physical wanting or a physical relationship, then there will be no swooning on this girl’s behalf. If all he wants is sex, he’s not swoony, he’s just a a player.
    But it’s even worse when the playboy GETS with the main character, and all their relationship consists of is sex, and other physical interactions. I just kind of sit there like: uhmmmm no this is not working for me. There needs to be substance, people!

  12. POUND TOWN. I HAVEN’T HEARD OF THIS ONE EITHER. OMG. There are so many *lovely* euphemisms!

    Or feels they have to impress Mr. Playboy for him to even notice – which is sad 😦 Why would you want a relationship with someone who wouldn’t even notice you if you were being yourself?

    I don’t mind reading sex scenes. But I’d rather the whole book wasn’t about it – the reader definitely needs to see other sides of the relationship or it just seems a bit physical. But yeah, just knowing that something has happened is enough for me to be all fangirl-y when it comes to characters I want to get to together 😉

  13. You make me laugh, Ana. Seriously. Your posts are so good. I like the boyfriend comment. Hahaha! I’m not much into playboys either. Or books that mostly consist of sex. I personally like awkward adorable dorks. And when you say playboys, they’ve been with a lot of girls right? I’m not much of a fan of that. I guess it’s nice when the female changes them so that they can’t be with another girl anymore. But I dunno. They’re definitely not my favorite, but I may come to like some depending on their character.

  14. Exactly! If the book just becomes page after page of sex when it’s supposed to be about a mystery or something, I’m totally out. *high five*

  15. I should write down all the euphemisms, and rank them from most cheesy to least cheesy. Or most likely to giggle-snort at to least likely.

    Ugh, yes! I hate it when the protagonist goes “Omg, I MUST change myself to seem attractive to him!” It’s not a nice message at all. -_-

    Yes, so true! The physical side isn’t EVERYTHING in a relationship, and I hate books that make it seem like getting laid is the end-goal of something, or that it’s the action that proves TRU WUV. 😦

  16. Thank you, thank you, I try my best to make the giggles happy. 😀

    Yep, been with a lot of girls in the sense that he just uses them and leaves them with no explanation. The kind of guy that leaves broken hearts everywhere, and is a total douche about it. Yuck! Haha!

    Awkward adorable dorks, yay! ♥

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