Review 09: Truly, Madly, Deadly (Hannah Jayne)

 Truly, Madly, Deadly

Author: Hannah Jayne

Genre: Young Adult; Mystery

Synopsis: They Said It Was An Accident…

Sawyer Dodd is a star athlete, a straight-A student, and the envy of every other girl who wants to date Kevin Anderson. When Kevin dies in a tragic car crash, Sawyer is stunned. Then she opens her locker to find a note:

“You’re welcome.”

Someone saw what he did to her. Someone knows that Sawyer and Kevin weren’t the perfect couple they seemed to be. And that someone—a killer—is now shadowing Sawyer’s every move… (Goodreads)


I love a good mystery, and this book really brings a good psychological thriller to the table. Hannah skilfully balances Sawyer’s inner personal troubles, the creepy atmosphere of some unknown danger, and the fast-paced unravelling of the mystery. Once the perpetrator was revealed, I just had to go “Whoa. Wasn’t expecting that!”

First of all, the book runs a little bit shorter than the others I’ve been reading lately. The story is very fast-paced, even though it spends a good amount of time focusing on Sawyer’s family and some high school drama. The twists came out of nowhere, and all the bad things happening to our protagonist just hit me hard. Like I was winded from reading about the horrible things. I commend Hannah’s writing for that effect.

Second, the characters. This is one area where I felt a little iffy about the book. I liked Sawyer, felt that her struggling with grief and fear made for a riveting read. I suppose I just wanted more development from the other characters, they seemed a little flat to me. Maybe it was because they were up against more complicated characters? Mean girl Maggie is just textbook crazy mean high school girl to me, no sign of remorse or anything beyond her meanness. Cooper and Logan don’t really fare better in terms of development other than being handsome new guy and bullied boy, both caring. I would have liked it if the book had gone on more about Kevin and Sawyer, because their relationship is revealed in snippets, mainly flashbacks.

Overall: Despite all my character woes, I felt the book was well-done. I couldn’t put this book down; I just kept going and going because the story came fast and hard. Four stars for a great suspense story, creepy atmosphere, and for all the gripping twists.


5 thoughts on “Review 09: Truly, Madly, Deadly (Hannah Jayne)

  1. I feel like what you liked and didn’t like with this book is the same way I felt with another one of Hannah Jayne’s books, See Jane Run. The suspense was great but the characters could have had some more work. I’m tempted to try this one out but I feel like I know the author now and if I’m not going to like everything then I don’t know what to do… Thanks for you review. It has helped (:

  2. I really have to read See Jane Run, and I read your review. You’re right, there’s a lot of dramatics from the main character and other characters just seem to fall by the wayside. I do recommend this for the really twisty mystery, but be aware of those character pitfalls. 🙂 Thank you too!

  3. I wouldn’t probably read this any time soon because I can’t stand creepy. Lol. But I’m glad you enjoyed it. It looks really good, and I’m quite curious about the surprises in store.

  4. It came out more creepy than I thought it would be! I thought it would be more suspense/thrilled/action but some of the psychological stuff really got to me. Still, I wouldn’t recommend reading this at night, haha!

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