Talk To Me 02: Reading outdoors

I do love the great outdoors. I like going out to sit under the shade of a tree, having picnics, swimming in a pool, or playing at the beach. I also love books, in case you didn’t know, so it would make sense that I would absolutely love combining the two, right?

Well, not really. When I read, I like to do in my comfy pyjamas, sitting in a comfy chair or on a soft sofa, with tea or juice nearby. So I’m really more of an indoors reader compared to an outdoors one. I don’t like reading on a park bench or something because I just can’t get comfy! I want to put my feet up, kick back and relax. I don’t like reading next to a pool or at the beach because, gasp, what if my book or Kindle gets wet?! :O

However, reading while waiting for something is another story. If I’m going somewhere to do something that I know involves me waiting around a lot, I’ll bring a book to read to pass the time. I can’t read while I’m on the bus or train though, mainly because I know I’d get carried away and end up missing my stop. 😛

So, what about YOU, dear reader?

Are you an indoors/outdoors/anywhere kind of reader? Do you ever read while on your daily commute?


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  1. I am definitely an indoor reader! I don’t like sitting outside in the sun or the cold or the wind or with the noise of cars or children playing. Plus, like you, I want to be comfy in my PJs and lounge! The only time I read outside is if I’m waiting for the bus.

  2. I’m not always an outdoor reader. I think it depends on the season with me. I love to in the summer, when I can lie in my garden and enjoy my book, but in the winter I like getting all snuggled up and cosy with a book. I do love to read on the train or the bus though, I just have to be careful not to miss my stop! 😀

  3. I’m willing to read pretty much everywhere. I particularly read a lot when I’m commuting on the train sometimes (especially if it’s a LONG journey). But generally my preference is to read in my room or on the sofa because I know I won’t be interrupted. I’m fond of reading in the garden as well (if it’s warm). Oh, and like you said about those times when you know you’ll have to wait around for something, when that happens I always bring a book along just in case although sometimes I forget I have one or can’t concentrate.

    When I was younger I mastered the art of reading while walking, so I read books while I was walking between classes at school and while I was following my mum around the supermarket. I don’t do that so much any more, which is probably for the best…

  4. I’m mostly definitely an indoor reader. I hate reading outside because the colour of the paper is then all wrong. Sit in the sun and it’s way too bright (like, OHMAHGODMYEYES! MYEEEEEEYES) and in the shade, it’s too dark. I always have to read inside (preferably in my bed) with a lamp on haha. I do read while on the bus though! Mostly on my iPad because I don’t like taking books to places (I’m always worried they might get crumpled or sth in my bag)

  5. I’m an indoor reader, 100 percent. I don’t like reading books outdoor because a) too noisy b) sometimes someone interrupts me just to ask what I am reading and I’m like “isn’t it obvious? like, can’t you read the title?” lol and c) I cry easily. So, definitely an indoor reader. 😀

  6. I’m definitely an indoor reader. Mostly because I don’t really go out a lot. Also, I live in a very hot country and sometimes it’s not really an option. I do think it would be nice though if there were a nice, cool place to do so. I used to read paperbacks on the train until my signed paperback got wet because I had gotten into a bad car and it was raining. So mostly I just read on my phone during train rides and waiting for them. And I also bring paperbacks when I think there would be long waits. Or sometimes when I’m dying to read a book I have, and I can’t get out of going out. 😛

  7. I am an avid outdoor reader in the spring and summertime. The place where I live has the perfect setting– lake, soft grass, chirping birds and cicadas. Plus, it doesn’t get unbearably hot (but, it usually more comfortable than the indoors, since we don’t have air conditioning). I usually have a cup of sweet, iced tea beside me.

  8. I can read everywhere. While it is lovely to read in a comfy chair in my pjs, I do also really enjoy sitting outside in the sun while reading. But only in the sun, not when it’s cold, so I only ever read outside in summer. Also, I wouldn’t mind reading at the pool either because (don’t let this shock you) I read in bath too. Also with my Kindle. If my Kindle ever gets wet, I’m sure I’ll regret doing this but until then…;)

  9. I’m totally an indoor reader, too. I guess sometimes I’ll read at the beach or something, but that doesn’t happen very often. I love to be all cozy and wrapped up in a blanket while I’m reading…reading outdoors just sounds uncomfortable. And I don’t really have a porch or anything at my house. Maybe I would read more outside if I did, though. But I wouldn’t just go to the park and read; that’s kind of weird haha.

  10. Yay for another indoor reader! I wouldn’t like reading in the sun because I feel that my skin’s tan enough as it is, haha. I’m not sure if I could even handle reading while waiting for the bus because I would end up being SO into my book that I run the risk of missing it! Oh no, haha!

    Thanks for commenting, Angie! 😀

  11. Aw, I totally understand. I would love it if I had a blanket or something to sit on while reading in my garden. Alas, I do not have anything really appropriate, haha. I would like to read on a commute but I totally run the risk of missing my stop, haha!

    Thanks for commenting, Chrissi!

  12. Not being interrupted while reading totally makes indoor reading for me. 😛 As for reading while walking, I think I would trip over my own feet or totally run into someone. Which makes a bad day for EVERYONE, haha!

    Thanks for commenting, Ren!

  13. I don’t have a nice piece of furniture on my porch to read, heh. As for car rides, I feel like I’d get dizzy! That’s where audiobooks totally shine for me. 🙂

    Thanks for commenting, Sarah!

  14. Oh yes, trying to get the right light outside is another reason why I won’t read outdoors. My eyes are bad enough as it is and having the sun in them would make me a very unhappy Ana, haha! I love my little book lamp too. 🙂 As for the bus, I’m always so worried that I’ll miss my stop! That’s when I love having audiobooks around. 🙂

    Thanks for commenting, Nara!

  15. Haha, I would get worried about crying over a book in public too! I do cry easily but I don’t really know if a book could move me to tears, but the thought is still there. What’s the last book that made you cry?

    Thanks for commenting, Marie!

  16. Oh no, I hope you find ways to cool off! Too-hot days are definitely my enemy. And OH NO! I’m so sorry your signed pb got wet! 😦 Super hot or rainy? We just can’t win, eh? Haha… I would read on my phone too but I don’t think I would read on a train for fear or missing my stop.

    Thanks for commenting, Francine!

  17. Oh I am so jealous! So very jealous! If I had a setting like that, I think I might become more of an outdoor reader. 😀

    Thanks for commenting, Jackie!

  18. Ah, a lucky and daring soul! I used to read in the bath until I got my books wet. Then I never did it ever again with books that I really liked. Live on the edge, kudos!

    Thanks for commenting, Kim!

  19. Air conditioning definitely helps. 😛 And yeah, the thing about weather is that you barely get the good days. And I know how engrossing it is to read books sometimes so it’s perfectly understandable. 😀

  20. I actually really like to read outside. It’s just… well I don’t. Sometimes in the summer I will sit out on my back deck and enjoy myself. I got a firepit for Christmas and once it warms up some I can’t wait to use it and read next to it. I don’t have a fire place in my house so this is the next best thing!

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